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Financial Translation

E.P.A. provides financial translation services to a range of investment management companies and other global players. From websites and marketing material to annual reports, KIIDs, factsheets and prospectuses, financial translation has always been one of our core strengths.


We have earned a reputation for strong expertise in financial translation and gained the trust of leading players in the financial sector by making quality and efficiency a top priority.

Each document is handled by a proven combination of mother-tongue translator and specialist reviewer/reviser with in-depth experience in the field. This ensures maximum accuracy, authenticity, and appropriateness.

We are very aware that some financial documents use the same structure and wording over and over again. In the case of prospectuses and KIIDs, translated versions often already exist and the requirement is typically only for relatively small updates. Accordingly, we use translation memory software in order to reduce the cost and processing time for the client, while also maintaining consistency within a document family or from one document version to the next.

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