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Marketing Translation

Translating texts designed to promote an organisation and its products or services requires a particularly high level of creativity and commitment. Typically crafted with great care in the original language to ensure the right impact and maximum relevance to the target audience, such marketing texts often suffer from the “lost in translation” syndrome. 

Clever becomes clunky, dazzling becomes dull, focused becomes fuzzy. The translation market often has extreme attitudes in relation to marketing texts: many translators will protest that they are “not copywriters” – and are usually under too much time pressure to be able to agonise over every word anyway. Others will offer a “transcreation” option at a higher rate.


At E.P.A., we believe that when clients ask us to translate press releases, web content, brochures, presentations and other marketing material they are entitled to expect creativity and authenticity as standard – at no extra cost.


From product descriptions for catalogues and content for websites to adverts, promotional material and glossy books, we have worked with leading brands across a range of subject areas.


This experience allows us to produce compelling translations that are true to your messaging and intent. We relish the challenge!

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