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Your trusted translation partner

E.P.A. is a provider of professional translation services, focusing on the main European languages, including in particular Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Our aim is to offer real added value through a combination of in-depth expertise, commitment and personal service.

Our long track record in the financial, technical, marketing and legal sectors means you can rely on the quality of the work we supply – each time, every time. This dependability is made possible by our philosophy, people and process.

We are client-focused and seek to offer the convenience, flexibility and commitment of an in-house translation service. Whether one-off translation of a single document into one language or ongoing translation of multiple documents into several languages, our rigorous process is designed to deliver dependable quality and helps underpin our reputation for consistency. 

We are a full member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) in the UK and a network member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC). As such, we have been carefully vetted, we adhere to the Association’s code of professional conduct and fulfil all of its requirements. This accreditation also means we are able to certify our own translations for use in official contexts in the UK. 


Our Services

Translation is what we do. It’s our specialism, where our skills and experience lie. We know how to approach translation tasks, where the pitfalls lie, and understand what clients typically need or expect. 

Financial Translation

E.P.A. provides financial translation services to a range of investment management companies and other global players

Marketing Translation

Translating texts designed to promote an organisation and its products or services requires a particularly high level of creativity and commitment.

Revision & Proofreading

We are happy to revise texts provided by our clients. This service is particularly popular with clients who are not native speakers of English but produce documents in English and need them checking or polishing.

Legal Translation

E.P.A. provides legal translation services to law firms and other clients across a range of sectors

Technical Translation

Technical translation poses specific challenges. It is not enough just to understand the language – understanding how things work is also essential in order to convey the meaning correctly.

Getting in touch

For further details about E.P.A. or to request a no-obligation quote, please use the form below. 

Your online request for a free translation quote will be handled by one of our in-house account managers, who will contact you via e-mail or telephone. 

If possible, please indicate the size (number of pages, number of words) and language and give a rough indication of the content (if known). 


Contact us

For further details about E.P.A. or to request a no-obligation quote, please use the form below. 

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